Meet the Artist: Rhiannon Southwell

Willow is simply porcelain perfection! To kick off our Meet the Artist series for Bristol we spoke to his creator Rhiannon Southwell about her inspiration, hobbies, and (appropriately) the importance of cups of tea. You can find Willow grazing outside St Mary Redcliffe until 31st August, sponsored by Bailey of Bristol.

Hi Rhiannon! How old are you?

I’m 36.


What’s your day job?

I’m a textile designer, so I design prints for clothing for loads of high street retailers.


What inspires you creatively?

I’m a collector and I love old fabrics and crockery. I trawl flea markets and car boot sales looking for treasures!


What inspired your Shaun design?

He’s inspired by the classic Willow pattern from one of my plates. The idea came to me on a visit to Tyntesfield House - they have an amazing collection of beautiful blue and white china, and I thought Shaun would look fabulous in Willow! I've also added the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the iconic cranes from the Harbourside to bring Bristol into the design.


How many hours did you spend on your Shaun?

About 60 I think, but I wasn't really counting as it was so much fun!


What music do you enjoy listening to?

At the moment I'm listening to The Staves, Matthew E. White and First Aid Kit. I listen to the radio when I'm working so my favourites change every week.


What are your hobbies?

I love painting, interior design, eating out and hanging out with my two sons.


What’s your best piece of advice?

If in doubt, have a cup of tea!