London Trail 28 MARCH - 31 MAY

Bristol Trail 6 JULY - 31 AUGUST

In 2015, Shaun the Sheep starred in two ewe-nique charity arts trails across Bristol and London, organised by Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation – introducing, Shaun in the City! 120 giant Shaun the Sheep sculptures, created by artists, designers and celebrities, grazed green spaces and iconic locations in both cities and will go to auction in October to raise funds for The Grand Appeal and Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity, supporting children in hospitals across the UK.

From 6th July to 31st August, the charity brought 70 b-ewe-tiful giant Shaun the Sheep sculptures, created by artists, designers and celebrities, to green spaces across Bristol for the public to enjoy. Back in spring, our first flock of 50 entirely ewe-nique Shauns arrived in London on 28th March and made the capital’s pastures their home until 31st May. 

Lots of Shaun hunters got stuck in and made the most of the trail, supporting our charity at the same time by downloading our exciting Sheep Spotter app to help with their Shaun hunt; fundraising on sponsored Shaun hunts and baa-ke sales and snapping up special Shaun in the City merchandise!

Ewe can still take home your very own piece of the Shaun trails and support sick children in hospitals across the UK with our range of official souvenirs! From figurines to nifty notebooks, our merchandise is available online here and at the Shaun in the City Shop at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway.

All 120 sculptures will be united for two special exhibitions in September. The first ‘Great Sheep Round Up’ will take place in in Bristol from 12th to 20th September, with all 120 sculptures on display together, and another exhibition of all 120 sculptures in Covent Garden from 24th to 27th September.

Our Shauns will then go to auction on 8th October, with proceeds from the Bristol sculptures benefitting The Grand Appeal which funds pioneering medical equipment, facilities, and comforts for patients at Bristol Children’s Hospital. Proceeds from the London sculptures will benefit Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity supporting children’s hospitals and hospices throughout the UK. 

Trail FAQS

  • How do I sign up to the Shaun in the City newsletter?

    Simply visit and enter your email address in our newsletter sign up area to receive all our latest updates.

  • I have signed up to the Shaun in the City newsletter but I’m not receiving it. What can I do?

    Please check your email’s junk or spam folder. If the newsletters are being sent there, please add to your email address book, to help ensure the newsletter is not marked as spam. If you cannot find our newsletter in your spam folder, we advise you to try re-subscribing to our mailing list in our sign-up box at

    If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our team at


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Merchandise FAQS

  • Where can I buy Shaun in the City merchandise?

    You can buy official Shaun the Sheep and Shaun in the City merchandise online at

    Based in Bristol? Visit Wallace and Gromit’s Charity Shop at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway for a host of Shaun the Sheep and Shaun in the City merchandise.

  • Can I pre-order a Shaun in the City figurine?

    Due to high demand, we are currently unable to take pre-orders for figurines.

  • Will all the sculpture designs be produced as figurines?

    We cannot guarantee every sculpture design will be produced as a figurine, but we have many Shaun in the City figurine designs in development. All new figurine designs are announced via our e-newsletter − you can sign up at

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Fundraising and Donations FAQS

  • Can I donate to the Shaun in the City cause?

    You certainly can! Visit our JustGiving page to donate and support children in hospitals across the UK - thank ewe!

  • Where do my donations and money raised from fundraising go?

    Money that is raised from and during the Bristol trail will benefit The Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity. Funds that were raised during the London trail supported children in hospitals across the UK, through Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity.

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Exhibition and Auction FAQS

  • Do I need to purchase a ticket for the London Exhibition (24th-27th September)?

    Our London Exhibition is a free event for anyone to attend so tickets are not available to purchase. However we would be very grateful if you made a donation to Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Charity via one of the coin collections at the event if you attend.

  • What are the London Exhibition opening times?

    The majority of our Shauns are accessible 24 hours a day, with the exception of Woolly Wonderland and Arabian Lights – these two Shauns are located inside our pop-up shop, which is open 10am to 6pm each day of the Exhibition (though these sheep will be visible through the shop windows at all times).

  • What time does the London Exhibition begin on Thursday 24th September?

    All our Shaun sculptures will be in place by 8am Thursday morning.

  • What time does the London Exhibition end on Sunday 27th September?

    The Shauns will be in place at the Exhibition until 7pm on Sunday 27th September.


  • Can I buy merchandise at the London Exhibition?

    A limited selection of Shaun in the City merchandise will be available to purchase from our pop-up shop. The shop is located next to the Royal Opera House on the East Piazza.

  • Are the sculptures accessible to disabled visitors?

    All the sculptures are accessible to disabled visitors, although care should be taken by wheelchair users on the cobbles in the Piazza areas as these are uneven.  There is a disabled toilet in Tavistock Court, to the side of Jubilee Market.


  • Can I buy a blank 3ft/5ft Shaun the Sheep sculpture?

    All our Shaun sculptures have been produced for our arts trails and Schools project and are not available for general sale. 

  • Can I attend the Shaun in the City auction?

    Our auction will take place on 8th October 2015, with the auction venue announced at a later date.

    If you’re interested in bidding for a Shaun, visit Unfortunately we aren’t able to guarantee tickets to our auction. Interested parties will also be able to place bids online, with more details on how to register for this coming soon.

    If you are keen to watch the auction, you can do this from the comfort of your own home! You will be able to watch online at on the night - more details coming soon! 

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  • My app has frozen on a green screen. What can I do?

    If your internet connection gets interrupted when the app is checking to see if any of the sculptures have moved, it can sometimes freeze and you will just see a green screen.

    If this happens, close the app properly by following these guides:

    Restart the app, and it should run fine next time!

    If the problem persists, please drop us a line with your device details at

  • I’m having trouble getting a trophy on the app. What can I do?

    There’s an easy shortcut to earn a trophy on the app. Simply go to the trophies page and tap the trophy icon 10 times in quick succession. It will then be awarded!

  • The app keeps crashing? Help!

    We've released a new update which should stop the app crashing on iPhones and iPads. Please update to the latest version of the app (v1.1.1) to fix this issue.

  • I don't know how to use the app. Help!

    You can see the help screens from the app again here.

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Donate to charity by downloading the official app!

Using the official Shaun in the City: Sheep Spotter app during our London and Bristol trails meant ewe could collect ewe-nique achievements and trophies, tick off every Shaun and see exciting stats from other app users!

All proceeds from app purchases supported sick children across the UK.